Installing A Sunroom

When it comes to having a little extra space, a sunroom will do the trick. When we have a sunroom we can have a room that brings in more light, gives us space to entertain and will increase the overall resell value of the home. Before we go and add a sunroom in Pleasanton, CA, here are some things you need to know.

Tips #1 – Installation Time

The first thing you want to consider when installing a sunroom is the installation time. When looking into installing a sunroom it will take an average of 10-12 weeks and who wants to spend that much time without extra space?

Tip #2 -Furnishing a Sunroom

When furnishing your sunroom its best to furnish it as if you were furnishing an inside room. When a person walks into your sunroom they want to feel like they are not outside and when you add furniture (especially couches) that make the room feel much more cozy and comfortable, it will bring in people for sure.

TIP #3 Sunroom ventilation

Make sure to add proper ventilation to the sunroom. Sunrooms are not only good for entertaining but they can also be a place where we spend quite some time in during our daily life. If you don’t provide good air circulation, then it will make the room uncomfortable and stuffy when spending any longer periods of time in there.

Tip #4 Sunroom Lighting

Lighting is another important aspect of a sunroom. You can’t have shadowed areas in the room if you want to enjoy it during the day and night. Make sure to add a full spectrum light for both daytime and nighttime.

Tip #5 Add Audio Systems With Speakers

Add audio systems with speakers inside the room so you can enjoy your favorite music outside as well.

add a sunroom in Pleasanton, CA

Tip #6 Materials For The Sunroom

There are different materials for sunrooms: Fiberglass, Vinyl and Wood. If you’re looking to save money then fiberglass is the cheapest choice but it does have many disadvantages compared to vinyl or wood. A fiberglass sunroom will need to be replaced about every 15 years whereas with wood or vinyl they can last up to 30+ years. Vinyl is a better choice because you don’t have the rotting issues and it’s maintenance free for many years!